In Mladenovac 2010

I drop a period of several years to describe partially to you what I recently saw in Serbia.
This was the period during which the air-transport was seriously compromised because of the eruption of the volcano in Iceland. My French friend and I managed to leave, a few days later than originally was planned. I wanted to give the 6 months remembering mass for my dear Stanoje, in his birth town Cuprija, where he rests.
After that we had a few days extra and I planned to go to the town Mladenovac where at the moment one of my closest relatives, which is left, my Nina (Simonida) is living and at the same time visit, some breeders, who lately are trying to produce Sarplaninci, the closest possible to the standard and without cheating in the papers. Two of them I already had the opportunity to meet, two years ago during my holidays in Montenegro, during my visit to the exhibition in the town of Niksic, it are Bojan Stanojevic and Marko Milivojevic. At the bus stop my Nina and Bojan were waiting for us.
After visiting the house of Nina, we headed to the town Mladenovac and the surrounding area for visiting the breeders.
Mladenovac is about 45km, south of Belgrade, which is mainly connected through highway. The city itself has no curiosity and no significant monuments but has beautiful surroundings and is one of the favourite summer resorts of Belgraders, mainly through the mountain Kosmaj, the mountain nearest to Belgrade; as the mountain Avala, with its height, is not entitled for that name. There is also the spa Selters Banja.
Selters Banja (spa) is famous for its virtues to treat respiratory and rheumatic diseases. It is surrounded by a park of 18 hectares of conifer forest, which is suitable for walks and resting. The municipality of Mladenovac has the goal to develop the city as a spa resort for tourism. At the south of Selters Banja, on the road towards Kragujevac is the lake Markovack, not far from it lies the village of Orasac, the heart of Sumadija in which was held the first uprising from Serbs against Turks in 1804. Nearby are also the cities of Arandjelovac and Topola.
13km from Selters Banja is the mountain Kosmaj (629m high). Whoever loves discovering old forests discovers real beautiful places and rare plants. In those century-old forests three monasteries are located – Pavlovac, Tresije and Kasteljan. On Kosmaj, according to the Ecological Society "Kosmaj", there are 95 springs, 551 species of plants, not less than 300 species of mushrooms. Only 2km further is Koracicka Banja (spa).

The first kennel we visited was the one of Marko, a young man, very friendly and witty. At his house we saw Kaja and Mitar later we visited his plot, where we saw the other dogs.
From Kaja (King x Mirza) I think all the best, the only remark I have would be that the muzzle is a little too full. Kaja is full of temperament; she is properly built and walks easy and elegant.
The male Mitar (parents unknown), from which all the present young breeders said many positive things, I like much less, he did not leave big impression on me.
On the plot we have seen:
Amigo Pasa (Mali Dren x Maza): This young male is well built, but in his expression, he has very few typical Sarplaninac wildness savagery, I would even say that it’s expression is a little too "cheerful." His muzzle is very short, which does not bother me.
Juca (Zuca x Kaja): very beautiful, very feminine, with real almond shaped eyes and a beautiful profile of the head. Only the eye could be one shade darker.
Kaja's sister: I like her a lot too. Her pigmentation is perfect.Kajinu sestru, koja mi se takodje jako dopada. Ima veoma dobru pigmentaciju.
Kondra: Kaja's mother, an older female who was pregnant the day of these pictures. A beautiful old female, with a proper full muzzle, like Kaja. Her ears are strangely worn and of unusual shape, in the form of a croissant, the ears do not normally fall and are not triangular.
I keep a very fond memory of Juca, Kaja and her sister; I think that these three females are among the current elite Sarplaninci.