In Klasterec in June 2004

 At the end of June 2004, I accompanied Sylvie who went for the1st time to mate her bitch Tundra des Hauts de Malfôret. Sylvie was, at that time, a new breeder of Sarplaninci in France. As a basis, she had the above mentioned female and from my kennel she bought the female Bréhat des Montagnes Serbes in 2002. Her kennel was registered under the name "Les Gardiens de Brocéliande”.
We decided to mate Tundra with Murko.
Sarplaninac Toundra

Sylvie made a long journey to pick me up, and there were still about 700 km left before reaching the house of Stepanka and Andras.


A Kladan

Our stay was very short, I managed to show Sylvie the small nearby town of Kadan. Here Stepanka and I on the main square of this town.

Sylvie wanted to see the offspring of Murko, and so Stepanka took us to see some acquaintances who had a big litter from Murko. The puppies were very young and they seemed weak. They lived in a house, on a very slippery floor. The mother was kept on the terrace, because the house had a very high ground floor, with very steep and high stairs and the garden was not yet arranged or fenced, because it was a new construction. The second litter that could give us some idea regarding the quality was at the family Dosen. Those very nice people keep a restaurant and a polygon. There were 4 puppies left; they were very big and well cared for and we saw the mother as well.

We also had the opportunity to see, when passing the town of Klasterec, where Stepanka has her Polyclinic, a son of Taras.

All the way down into town, in the garden of the family Mudronkovih, we photographed the young Karabas, son of Dik-Meron and Meri. It was a pleasant young dog with a very typical head, a little bit heavy.

Sarplaninac KarabasSarplaninac Karabas
Sarplaninac KarabasSarplaninac Karabas

Tundra was mated by Murko without problems. The rest of the time we spent photographing the dogs of Stepanka and Andras. In the courtyard there was a litter of beautiful Newfoundland puppies and some Sarplaninac puppies and among them was the little Maxi.

Sarplaninac MurkoSarplaninac Murko
Sarplaninac TarasSarplaninac Taras

We visited their newly acquired plot of land on which there was a flock of sheep. The sheep were mainly kept by Dik-Meron.

Sarplaninac Dik-Meron
Sarplaninac Lord Beli

On the lower part of the terrain the young Lord Beli and his sister Labella, Meri and the young Odin were wondering around.
Sarplaninac Lord Beli

Sarplaninac Odin

Odin was dear to both of us, and he was a beautiful puppy and it had a melancholic gaze. Shortly after our visit he was brought to Serbia to the kennel "od Piksija” where he still is now. The brothers of this litter Orry and Oleon became champions.

Sarplaninac OdinSarplaninac Odin
Sarplaninac OdinSarplaninac Maxi

The landscape around the property of Stepanka is very picturesque and varied, as you can see on those pictures.
Sarplaninac FillSarplaninac Fill

Just before we left, Andras showed us Fill, who is at this time, the most winning Sarplaninac in the Czech Republic. The dog was very big, very beautiful, very correct in every way. We could not find any fault.
Sarplaninac FillSarplaninac Fill

On the 27th of August Tundra gave birth to 9 puppies, out of which one remained in the kennel of Sylvie: Vaillant des Gardiens de Brocéliande.