Our stay in Czech Republic

A supper with the members of the Czech Sarplaninac Club was organized after the exhibition in a restaurant in Litomerice. I first took the opportunity to make some pictures of this beautiful city, as long as there was sufficient daylight.

All the pictures are taken on the main square. The majority of the Czech cities have such a big squares of rectangular shape with multicoloured façades, with rather very bride colours.
Then came our stay at Stepanka and Andras. The house that they live in is situated in a small agglomeration at the proximity of the small town of Klasterec.

The village is approximately at 600m altitude and is located at the foot of a forested hill. Everywhere around there are mountains with less than 1000 m altitude. Some have the shape of a volcano, especially when going towards the north. The place is ideal to raise such a breed as the Sarplaninac.
Our hosts welcomed us very, very cordially. They showed us their dogs, the Sarplaninac and the Newfoundlanders, here are the pictures of those which I photographed: small Murko 2,5 months old,



then Alka od Lipovacke sume , then Lara Ravangradska and Taras od Piksija which had just arrived from Serbia.

The next day our hosts took us to visit the very nice and one of the most known spa resorts in Europe - Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad, in German). According to the legend the mineral springs were discovered by Charles IV and got his name. From the old village he made a royal city. The city is located on the Tople River, which enters into Ohre River, in a very narrow valley and it goes up on the surrounding hills.

All this area is rich in mineral springs and in the surroundings there are still some well-known thermal spas. 12 arranged sources are under a colonnade, each one is of a different mineral composition and almost all of them are with very hot water, because sometimes water spouts out from 2000m deep.

There is a hall where there is such a source from which the water spouts out under pressure in the shape of a true high geyser of 15m. In the 18th century this thermal spa was the place to be for several famous people of all origins, among them remained and followed the cure in Karlovy Vary: Goethe, Bach, Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin, Dvorak, Marx, Capek and many others.
The Russian church which is on the slopes of the hill, with its gold plated cupolas, resembles a jewel. It was built in memory of the stay of Peter the Great. The city is full of life and has a very rich artistic life. Now the main guests are mainly very rich Russians.

The next day we went to visit the small near-by city, Kadan. It is a very beautiful complex of architecture. Kadan is a very old city, in the valley of Ohre River, in the central massive of Bohemia.

Many historic buildings have been preserved, like two gates of the city, the Gothic tower of the Town hall, walls etc
Here ends our stay, but we still had many occasions to visit our new friends - Stepanka and Andras and also to visit the beauties of Bohemia.