My first judgement in Czech Republic

On May 26, 2002 we went to the Czech Republic, in the town of Litomerice, because I had received the invitation of their Sarplaninac Club to judge their special exhibition of the breed. The same day, in the next ring Mr. Novak Radulovic judged the breed at the international exhibition. At this exhibition the Sarplaninci are always judged outside, on the grass.
At both exhibitions 33 Sarplaninci were registered, it concerned more or less the same dogs. We were lucky, the weather was beautiful, I was surrounded by qualified people, as translator we had our countrywomen, the correspondent of Zov, Mrs. Dasa Pavlovic.
Here are the results of this judgement:

BOBLooking back today, I noticed I have made 2-3 errors: in the open class males, I should not have given the titles; in the intermediate class females, today I would have ranked as following : Deila, Elza, Dora, in open class females Bella was to receive a VG. I comfort myself that Mr. Radulovic also made some errors, whereas he judged much more frequently than me.
The atmosphere was very pleasant, the exhibitors were super disciplined, and nobody made any comment for the obtained result.
Compared to the year 2001 I noticed significant changes in the composition of the population of Sarplaninci in Czech Republic. It is only in the open class males that there were still atypical dogs for the breed, some very long, some with a huge hair, but silky, flat and rather black, some with a heavy and lymphatic head. The only more pleasant male, Billy-Brik, did not have any training in the ring and did not show that he was able to run.
In the classes of the young and intermediate males the presence of another population was significant, the descendants of Meron and especially of Taras, i.e. lot of karabas, those of Taras were tall and sometimes with angles of the rear limbs rather open, but with the splendid typical heads.
The descendants of Meron were also well represented, I liked all except Don-Denar, which has a rather narrow skull, with rather high implanted ears and an ocular problem on which I did not succeed to put the label. This anomaly was not always visible, but when it was, it caused the reduction in marks. Beside that his lower line I did not like at all, he had a little bit big belly, like some Labradors are inclined to obesity.
A big step forward from Polgar side was the import of Meda and Meri, as well as younger Murko and Murka. These very interesting bloodlines, in which they all are of the same mother, originate from mountain, the exceptional bitch Bona, arrived like great refreshment. The temperament and the behaviour of Meda in the ring created a big admiration in me.
The ring of honour was a separate event. Sarplaninci took part in all the categories, in couples, groups, and as representatives of all the classes. I always admire the Polgars because they have such an influence on the owners of their dogs or such luck that those take part in a significant number in the Czech exhibitions and abroad. How many already took part in special exhibitions in Serbia! Or, it is the Czech nation which is very sporty and having a competitive spirit. It is that that I miss much in my breeding, it is only from time to time that one or the other person decides to try with its dog to take part at one or other exhibition. There are some who, hardly bought the pup, plan to castrate it, because they are afraid that they may have a problem with education, or they are afraid that the dog would escape, because the fence is partially absent or failing, or it is the veterinary who advises that to them with a purely lucrative aim!! For my misfortune, generally the best dogs of my breeding are never shown anywhere. Our trip lasted another few days, the Polgar family pleasantly invited us after the exhibition and thus we had the occasion to see their dogs, the house, and the village where they live and also to visit the neighbour towns. The continuation will be in the next update!