Veca at the exhibitions in Serbia

The first exhibition for which we registered Veca was the CAC exhibition in the town of Negotin on 20.10. Veca was registered in open class. There were another 3 registered females, but one was absent. In competition Ljutka (Alkin X Azra), breeder Mr Sobek Petar, owner Mr Aca Stepic who obtained VG and Boni (Ben Meda X Afrodita), breeder Mr Golubovic Srdjan, owner Mr Ilic Toplica who also obtained VG. Veca obtained her CAC, but the champion Cera od Lipovacke sume (Bak X Cica Vujanska), breeder Mr Radmilo Lazarevic, Owner Mr Slobodan Petrovic obtained the BOB. The judge was Mr. Rale Cekic.
While travelling towards the town of Negotin we crossed a very poor, but beautiful area, with mountains covered with grass fields, towards the Bulgarian border.

We saw some houses in the old Serbian style and how people are making charcoal.
The next day, we had again to get up early, as Veca was registered to the CAC exhibition in the town of Ada. The judge was Mr. Pal Paroci. After the judgement of a female in the young class, in the ring entered Aleks od Piksija (Apis od Piksija X Beta) and Brik II Vujanski (Rex Meda Vujanski X Velja or Zelja II Vujanska). I rather liked Aleks, but he only obtained the mark VG 1. He resembled Taras very much. As to Brik, it was a very tall dog, with an atypical expression for the breed and with catastrophic movements. It had to push its back part against the thigh of its Master to be able to advance all while being twisted. It had a problem with its left back leg. It obtained a VG 2. Its owner discussed for a long time with the judge, at the edge of the ring, obviously dissatisfied, but according to me the mark he obtained was too generous. Afterwards, it was the turn of Veca who had as concurrence Alfa (Apis od Piksija X Kana) and Duda Vujanska (Rex Meda Vujanski X Gaba od Miva). This last one had the same type as the male Brik II Vujanski, both belonged to Mr Cvetkov Zoran, the one who presented his young bitch in the open class in the town of Debeljaca in 2000 and which spoilt Veca’s chance to get the CAC title with Tibor Sehter. This very big bitch ran very well contrary to the male. Mr. Paroci marked as follows: Exc 1, CAC and BOB Veca, Exc 2, RCAC Duda Vujanska, Exc 3 Alfa. Mr Cvetkov Zoran once again loudly protested with rather impolite terms, see even insults, even with the help of his wife!
I was rather pleasantly surprised by the quality of judgement of Mr. Paroci. I already suggested his name at one or the other special exhibition of Sarplaninci in Serbia, but until now nobody has invited him.
After the judgement we ate an excellent barbecue at the restaurant of the exhibition and as aperitif we ordered “kajsijara”, apricot brandy. This alcohol was of exceptional quality, so we bought one litre at a high price, without regret. Only the “kajsijara” from the house of my beloved uncle was of the same quality and came from the same area.
The next weekend we went to the CAC exhibition in the town of Debeljaca. The judge was a Hungarian, Mr Atila Sos, specialist for Newfoundlander. I did not note the results; on the other hand, I have some pictures which I can comment. Veca finished 2nd excellent, RCAC behind Alka od Lipovacke sume, which ran better, thanks to the Handler, Mr Andras Polgar himself, but I did not like so much the his head and the expression. The 3rd one was a rather beautiful and tall bitch,
Abba-Beba, daughter of Farao whose pictures appear in the first part of this trip.
Among the champions there was the always present Cera od Lipovacke Sume.
In the puppy class we saw Gorstak Genius Ste-Kot North, son of Taras and Lara Ravangradska whom the Polgar family transported for Mr Voja Anastasijevic.
In the young class the rather pleasant Ben-Meda Karpatski and Don-Denar Ste-Kot North, which I already described at the time of his participation in town of Litomerice, were contesting.
Ben MedaBen Meda
In the open class there was Pako Delijski od Bobana, of which I did not like the type,
Dik Meron Ste-Kot North and Div. I was the supporter of this last, but its master, Mr Zeljko Bebek, could absolutely not present it. The dog was running, pulling, the head low, like crazy, showed itself rather aggressive towards other dogs. Of course it did not win anything.
In female young class there was Zena Delijska bred by Boban which I did not like, especially the type.

As soon as the exhibition was finished, we went to visit Fruska Gora and especially some of its monasteries. Fruska Gora is a mountain of 500m of altitude, but whose chain is very long and who goes along the Danube, not far from Novi Sad.
The area is also known by its wines. At present it is a National park, with splendid forests.
The monasteries of Fruska Gora are a densely spread unit built between 15th and 18th century. During the history there were 30 monasteries, at present only 16 are left.
We first visited the Krusedol monastery. The monastery was founded between 1509 and 1516. The baroque bell-tower was built in 1726. In the church there are two layers of frescos. The first dates from 16th century, the 2nd from 17th century. The monastery was renovated.

Afterwards we visited the monastery Novo Hopovo.
The church is dedicated to St Nicolas. According to the legend, the monastery was grounded by the family of the despot Brankovic. The first written document testifying its existence goes back to 1541. The baroque bell-tower goes back to 1758, the other buildings from 1728 to 1771. The frescos are 17th century and the iconostases, work from Théodor Kracun from 1776. The monastery was seriously damaged during the 2nd world war, the complex was renovated.

The last monastery and among oldest that we visited was Rakovac.
It appears that its founder was Mr Raka Milosevic and that its name comes from him. It was built before 1526. The frescos of the 16th century are preserved only in the cupola.
By visiting these monasteries we had the occasion to see the tower of television bombarded by NATO in 1999 and a monument of the second world war.
10km from Novi Sad, on the slopes of Fruska Gora and at the bank of the Danube there is a splendid baroque city Sremski Karlovci. Town of culture in all the meaning of the word: centre of the Serbian orthodox Church and the first Serbian college. Its vineyards are well-known.

My father started his studies there when coming from Romania. It is the birthplace of the big Serbian poet Mr Branko Radicevic, who left us so beautiful poems, whereas he died from tuberculosis, he lived only 29 years.
The last exhibition we went to with Veca was in town of Nis, Kalca Kup on 4.11.2001. The judges were Mr Dragoslav Vucetic, Mr Bratimir Bjelica and Mr Ljupco Stankovski. In the catalogue 84 Sarplaninci were appearing. Obviously there were some absent. As I could not follow the judgements in the 3 rings, taking part and taking pictures, I do not have the results, but I have some pictures of some dogs who took part at the judgements or who were present as visitors.

I find interesting to comment the pictures of Alpine (Soko X Alma).
And me and Mr. Skipic, were attracted by this special head and we went to see it closely. In full I did not like this dog. The body is very long, on relatively short legs and rather weak, it is more a body of a female than a male’s. On this head there is practically no stop, but the muzzle is powerful and deep, making from profile the shape of a baseball bal. The ears are rather badly carried and there is certainly an anomaly of the eyelids.

I liked the original dog, karabach.
Veca obtained the mark Exc. by Mr. Vucetic and in the main ring she was ranked 2nd, behind Bina Delijska od Bobana. She obtained her CAC and the certificate, so she fulfilled the conditions to get the title of champion of Yugoslavia. My goal was reached. Mr Bjelica could justify as much as he wanted, Bina was not to be in front of Veca. This very tall bitch had a very flat chest, in such a degree that I showed her handler to spread out its former legs, which were stuck one to the other.