A visit to the Serbian breeders

In October 2001 we went to Belgrade with Veca to try to complete, if possible, the championship of Yugoslavia.
During our stay, we went for the 2nd time to Mr Bane Jelovac. He lives in the village of Belegis at the edge of the Danube. He is the owner of the kennel Scardus Leo Canis and one of the breeders knowing the most on our breed. He is well known for keeping specimens of pure breed and often original dogs. He remained very depressed by the loss of his son and he was very busy with the club he founded and the trials to destabilize the JKS (Jugoslovenski Kinoloski Savez), body directing the cynology in Yugoslavia, which according to our host was legally not in order. That was proved to be correct, only, as JKS was since always the official negotiator of the FCI, the things were arranged with the Court in favour of JKS.
We were warmly received and even kept for the lunch.
Hereunder the dogs which we saw at his place:
- the very beautiful Bena, original bitch, daughter of Sapo from Sait, which was not in super form. On these pictures you can see the granddaughter of Bane.

another female which obviously was related to Meron Scardus Leo Canis.

the female Meca, daughter of Musa-Karabeg and Babaroga.

- Meron, also son of Musa-Karabeg, grandson of Karabeg. As much as I had admiration for Musa-Karabeg, as much I find something abnormal with the head, especially the skull of Meron. It appears degenerated to me. The skull is very large, very flat and the lines of profile appear parallel to me. It is a small male.

When the evening fell, he led us to the neighbourhood, where we saw for the last time Musa-Karabeg, who was very old.The next breeder I visited alone was, like each previous year, Mr Goran Neskovic. He is living at the bank of the other large river, Sava, near Belgrade. I went there with Veca.
I then photographed the following dogs:
- Meca, an 18 month old female, whose muzzle remained long and fine (picture 10).

- Bucka, splendid daughter of Roki, beautiful posture, beautiful head, no significant defect

- Zli, son of Roki, which did not have any resemblance, dog of rather small size, correct, but without any particular distinction.

- a 4 month old puppy of very small size, but with a powerful skeleton and very beautiful head. I don’t know what became of it.

During all the time of my visit, Goran did not throw a glance on Veca and did not pronounce a word relating to her. You would have said that I had a rubbish bitch. However, during all of my visits, he expressed the regret that I did not have mated Seka by Roki, whereas Veca was nevertheless the daughter of Seka!! I must say that such an attitude will remain for me very insulting, especially as I had for Goran a lot of respect, as a breeder having kept the principle, just like me, to use in his breeding only Sarplaninci of pure breed. I always had positive words, words of encouragement and admiration for his dogs; he had the habit of ignoring the work of the others.

One day we went to visit our friend Mara in the village of Koceljeva, region of Macva. On the way, we stopped to photograph this original dog, brought from Kosovo, which we saw in front of a house in the village.

After a more than heavy meal at Mara, when going back home, we made a small detour to visit the Kaona monastery. This name sounds so nicely to me, so ancient. The monastery was built by the sister of Milos Obilic, popular national hero, because he did not return from the battle of Kosovo. The original church goes back to XIth century, since then the monastery was demolished several times, to be finally being properly restored in 1892.

While coming back from town of Cuprija, we spent the night at Mr Bjelica, to see the next day his dogs and some in the neighbourhood.
Very warm welcome, as always. Hereunder pictures taken on this occasion:
- Lun IV od Bjelica, son of Hari-Lun and Bina Delijska od Bobana, very pleasant young dog with some problems of the back legs.

- Hari-Lun (Roki X Brita), very beautiful dog, with the same problem as his son

- our Arsa at the awkward age of 7 months (picture 25)

- in the neighbourhood the mother

- and the daughter, beautiful bitches.

- an interesting dog, probably without pedigree at V. Plana

At the end of our stay in Serbia, we visited Mr. Bogdan Bolozan who lives in the village of Melenci. Just at the proximity there is a thermal spa and for several years a special exhibition of Sarplaninci was held there.
We decided to visit this breeder according to some information we obtained by the judge Mr Rale Cekic. He told us that the Sarplaninac of Mr. Bolozan was worth much more than a big number of dogs which were presented at beauty contests. Moreover, we saw the daughter of this male at the exhibition in the village of Debeljaca. The dog was beautiful, but in rather bad state, not taking care of, it lived in a back court with the poultry. It seemed that it was obtained from Gipsies and it was without known origins. The dog was called Farao.

We also saw there another Farao's daughter who was constantly at a chain, the poor one.

A few months later, while telephoning Mr. Bolozan, I learned that Farao had died, although it was not so old.