Czech Republic, exhibition in the town of Litomerice, in May 2001

When we were staying in the town of Nis in 2000, during the supper, which followed the exhibition, we met with Andras Polgar and his wife, Stepanka Kotoucova. It is at this time that the first meeting was held and that the International Club of Sarplaninac was founded on the initiative of the President of the Czech Club of Sarplaninac, Mrs Dagmar Cestrova. The representative of Serbia and Montenegro was Mr. Novak Radulovic, President of the “Jugoslovenski Klub Sarplaninaca” and me, I had the authorization to represent the CBEI, French Club of the Shepherds of the East, among which our breed was one of the most numerous. We were among the first to sign membership and we elected Mr. Radulovic to be the President as he is coming from the home country of the breed. It was the beginning of a long friendship and collaboration with the Polgars.
In March that year I had a litter of 9 pups, 3 females and 6 males descending from Sirijus od Pece and Veca. In that time, my friend, breeder and judge of Sarplaninci, Mr Bjelica insisted very much to have a male pup from my kennel, a way of finding back his old lost progeny lines (Aso-Lun) via his son Arap who was the great grandfather of Veca and of correcting the rear back legs in his production. I chose at that moment the most beautiful and strongest of the pups. It was Arsa.
It is again in Nis where it was decided that the first exhibition of the, newly created, Club would take place in the town of Litomerice, within the organization of their exhibition of CACIB, which each year takes place the last weekend of May. As judges were selected: for the special European one, Mr. Vojislav Anastasijevic, for the special one of the Czech Club, Mr. Novak Radulovic and for the CACIB on Sunday the Hungarian judge, Mr. Sos. At this occasion the second meeting of ISC was held and for me it was the possibility of sending Arsa to Velika Plana, by uncle Voja and Boban, without having to make the trip myself.
I registered Yanko, from the litter of Sirijus od Pece and Seka, for the exhibitions, in the class of the young ones and his sister Yskra in the intermediate class.
The rings were in the park, the judgements were held by beautiful sunny weather. While uncle Voja judged the males, Mr. Radulovic judged the females in the ring just beside and at the end, they switched.

Hereunder, in order, some photographs of the participants:

Class of the puppies: Agbaj et Armont z Psiho Raje

Young class: Bosko od Drndarskog, Clam Ste-Kot North, Dick-Meron Ste-Kot North, Don-Denar Ste-Kot North, Les Montagnes serbes Yanko

Open class: Billy-Brik Ste-Kot North

Champions class: Taras od Piksija

Young class: Aila od Nori, Caila-Cachira Ste-Kot North, Dora Ste-Kot North, Doris Vujanska, Zana Delijska od Bobana

Intermediate class: Les Montagnes serbes Yskra

Open class: Belle-Meca Ste-Kot North, Carol od…

Champions class: Lara Ravangradska

Yanko obtained “excellent” at the two exhibitions and with Mr. Anastasijevic, he was marked 2nd, Yskra got two CAC, at the European and at the CACIB. The best female was Lara Ravangradska; the BOB was Taras od Piksija.
The parents of the registered dogs were in the great majority dogs of the old Czech kennel (and East Germany) and from the kennels “od Drndarskog”, “Vujanskog” and “od Lipovacke sume”. Only about ten of the 58 registered Sarplaninci did not have this origin, among which 4 dogs of the litter of Meron-Scardus-Leo-Canis and Drena, 2 champions of Slovenia, Taras od Piksija, my dogs and certain registered but absent dogs.
We were invited at the village of Klasterecka Jesen, by Polgars; however a great disaster happened to me. After the exhibition we decided to go to Prague and to show it to Nicole who came with Yskra from Brussels. We had hardly arrived at the centre and we wanted to cross the bridge of Carl when I noted that my wallet was stolen with all the money. I did not even have anymore to pay the bill of the hotel; it is Nicole who had to pay it. Thus we decided to return as quickly as possible, because without money one does not arrive far. The evening I went again to the camp where our judges were, to see one more time the small Arsa. He slept in the trailer, close to the cage of rabbit of uncle Voja. Uncle Voja, Boban and his friend promised me to take care of it, that it arrives in one piece at Velika Plana. A few months later I saw Arsa back, at the awkward age, and from time to time, as an adult.
Today Arsa is again with us, he did its work of stallion and left a lot of offspring (the daughter of Arsa at Velika Plana) and he returned to live its well deserved “pension”.