“The Memorial of Professor Pavlovic”

In 1996 we were spectators of the first Memorial, in 1997 we took part with Qarapacha. Marianne and Tony gave us the dog without any problem.
During the whole trip (1700 km) Pacha spent upright on the back seat of the car, as he used to do. He spent the night with us in the hotel room, in Austria, and he was good all the time.
The day before the Special Exhibition of the breed, we stayed with a very sympathetic family in Smederevska Palanka, the town, which is having each year this exhibition. We participated at the seminar and the banquet, organized on 29th March.
Smederevska Palanka is situated near Velika Plana, the town where our friend, judge and breeder, Mr. Bjelica is living. It is a town, which possesses sources of mineral water – named Kiseljak and the exhibition is held in a nearby Park.
130 Sarplaninci were registered at this Championship. The judgments were held in 4 rings and the judges were: Mr. Brankovic, Mr. Urosevic, Mr. Skipic and Mr. Bjelica. After the individual judgments, all the dogs with the marks “excellent” were coming back to the main ring and the classification was done anonymously.
In all the special exhibitions of the breed the classes are as following: 6 to 9 months, 9 to 12 months, 12 to 18 months, 18 to 24 months and beyond 24 months, veterans, “original” dogs, couples, groups and kennel offspring’s.
The certificates are delivered in the following classes:
From 12 to 18 months: to the dogs that are classified first or second from each sex, but not obligatory.
From 18 to 24 months: to the 5 classified dogs from each sex, still not obligatory for all.
Beyond 24 months: to the 7 classified dogs from each sex, still without obligation.
The distribution of the Certificates is only possible if at least 80 Sarplaninci are registered.
Qarapacha was in the class judged by Mr. Bjelica. He got the mark “excellent” but the judge did not seem to be enthusiastic. In the ring of classification, Pacha got a lot of supporters among the spectators and breeders, who applauded each time he was running. Finally he classified 6th, especially thanks to the judge Mr. Skipic, whom obviously liked him and he obtained the Certificate.
The classification was the following:

Classification of the males from 9 to 12 months:

1) Musa (Badza x Monika) él. et prop. Srdjan Dinic
2) Div (Pasa Vujanski x Klaudia) à Zecevic D.

Classification of the females from 9 to 12 months:

1) Djina od Drndarskog (Apis od Piksija x Bena)
2) Djiki od Drndarskog (Apis od Piksija x Bena), breeder and owner Mr. Drndarski D.

Classification of the males from 12 to 18 months:

1) Reks Vujanski (Amor x Meda Vujanska), with Certificate, owner Mr. Martinovic M.
2) Mek-Aga (Garov IV x Azra), breeder Mr. Ristic B.

Classification of the females from 12 to 18 months:

1) Brita od Bjelica (Aator Brigo x Akica), owner Mr. Miladinovic M.
2) Zaklina (Kan x Dona), owner Mr. Pavlica J.

Classification of the males from 18 to 24 months:

1) Dej (Bak x Zita Vujanska) with Certificate, breeder and owner Lazarevic R.
2) Roki (Roki x Alisa), owner Mr. Udovicki S.

Classification of the females from 18 to 24 months:

1) Silda (Bak x Zita Vujanska), with Certificate, breeder and owner Mr. Lazarevic R.
2) Mura Vujanska (Pasa Vujanski x Zana Vujanska) with Certificate, owner Mr. Ilic A.

Classification of the males beyond 24 months:

1) Merkur Duca Vujanski (Cer-Meda Marsoniski x Zana Vujanska) with Certificate and BOB, breeder Mrs. Vesna Bojovic-Skipic, owner Mrs Marina Bojovic
2) Atlas-Murko (Vihor Alano Molos x Dea) with Certificate breeder and owner Mr. Stojanovic M.
3) Cal (Lej x Baja), breeder and owner COP, Nis with Certificate
4) Baja Meda (Cer meda x Alfa) owner Mr. Vuletic R. with Certificate
5) Gari Vujanski (Cer-Meda Marsoniski x Pona) owner Mr. Rajovic B. with Certificate
6) Les Montagnes Serbes Qarapacha (Meda x Les MS Lola), owner Ms. Janssens M. with Certificate
7) Brik od Bjelica (Dingo-Ben x Saba), owner Mr. Miladinovic M. with Certificate


Classification of the females beyond 24 months:

1) Danka (Dario x Boni), breeder and owner Mr. Drndraski D.
2) Dajana (Dario x Boni), owner Mr. Vidakovic M.

Final classification males:

1) Merkur Duca Vujanski
2) Dej
3) Reks

Final classification females:

1) Silda
2) Danka
3) Djina od Drndarskog

Classification native males:

1) Roki, owner Mr. Martinovic Slavko
2) Barak, owner Mr. Vujovic B.
3) Rambo, owner Mr. Vujovic B.

Classification native females:

1) Meca, owner Mr. Kotarac S.

Best veteran:

1) Tan, owner Mr Vojinovic G.

It was the class of males beyond 24 months, which was the best quality. The females, all the classes reunited were from a clearly lower quality.

Classification of the couples:

1) 96 et 115 from Drndarski Dragan
2) 53 et 63 from Radmilo Lazarevic

Classification of the groups:

1) 16, 23, 64 and 96 from Mr. Drndarski Dragan

Kennel offspring’s:

1) father Dario, from Mr. Drndarski Dragan
During the judgments the detailed measurements have been done in a tent close to the rings.
After the proclamation of the winners, the public had the opportunity to see a demonstration of dog obedience performed by the military from town of Nis, the main protagonist as Ch. Yu Cal, de father of our Veca.
AAt the end the very talented trainer Mr. Mirko Sirkovic, together with an assistant, invited a number of volunteers into the ring for a demonstration of attacking. Those who distinguished themselves in particular were Merkur Duca Vujanski and our Qarapacha, they got big applauds from the public and the commentator declared that the “Belgian” had nothing to envy to the homebred Sarplaninac. But the absolute “Champion” in this discipline was a female, who got a nice cup, there were she was not even engaged in the exhibition. The organizers regretted the cup, but it was too late!
On top of the certificate, Pachas owner received a very nice oil painting, for being the only one coming from abroad. Many of the visitors asked us which shampooing was used to maintain Pashas’ fur, which allowed Stan to joke and invent fake shampooing brands.
Mr. Misa Babic, secretary of the Club organizing the exhibition, showed us at his house his dog Aleks.
Now I regret not to have used this dog for mating, as he was really beautiful. It has to be said that at that time I preferred much taller dogs and Aleks was not. Nowadays, I know that with my females, the offspring are tall even with shorter fathers.

We also took the opportunity to see the new comer with Mr. Bjelica, dog named “Sipac” (Chipatz) (pictures 26, 27 and 28). I do not know its origins, Bratimir was never clear regarding this subject, and he let everyone believe that this dog was “original”. Actually he had his right ear cut. The dog was pleasant, not very strong and according to Bjelica, very good fighter. I always asked myself how this ear would stand if it were not cut?
The day after we visited the monastery Koporin, situated very near.

It is a monastery of modest dimensions. There are a lot of questions how the monastery got its name, when it was built and who was its donor. It is practically accepted that its construction has started in 1402 and that its donor or intermediate donor was the Despot Stephan Lazarevic. Despot Stephan Lazarevic (1389-1427), one of the participants of the famous Ankara battle has succeeded to reunite his territories together with those of Djuradj Brankovic and a part of Bosnia. Serbia enlarged and reinforced itself in the Danube region and Belgrade became its capital.

During our stay in Belgrade, we visited together with Qarapacha Mr. Mirko Sirkovic who lives not far from Belgrade airport. I talked about him in my book, it is this very talented man who trained wolfs, cats, birds and of course dogs, which were very often protagonists in movies. In the movie “Black cat, white cat” from Emir Kusturica, the cats were trained by Sirko, which is his nickname. He gave us a demonstration: he brought one of his wolfs and one of his Sarplaninac dogs into his living room, he ordered the dog to jump on a chair and left them alone for a certain while. The wolf looked more impressed than the dog. Here are some pictures of his dogs, because he is also a breeder of Sarplaninac.

Karabas had a big resemblance with my dogs and we like him a lot.