The World exhibition in Budapest in 1996.

Our breed was judged on the 9th June and it was extremely hot weather. The judge was Mr. Tibor Sehter, who recently passed away. He was a judge from Serbia (Vojvodina) who belonged to the Hungarian Minority in my country. Personally I keep a bad memory of his judgment after the exhibition in Debeljaca in 2000. I think he looked a lot who was holding the leash.
I did not go to this event but I have a number of pictures in my possession, given to me by Mrs. Corinne Gilme, which I will comment here below.
73 Sarplaninac dogs were registered, mainly coming from Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia.
The title of World Champion and BOB was won by the dog Don-Efo od Gim-a, breeder and owner Mr. Goran Rokic from Croatia.

This dog I already saw at the World Exhibition in Bern, at the World Exhibition in Brussels and I judged the dog in 1994 at the Special Exhibition of the German Club. In Budapest he was registered in the Champions’ Class, where he was at the top of his level. Nevertheless, I think the dog had a number of defaults, and the major one is an inappropriate angle of the back legs and for the one who had the opportunity to touch him, an insufficient developed chest. The head is certainly beautiful but not that huge to justify quite open lips! Of course its height, its abundant hair and its calm behaving and obedience in the ring were nice. I think the judge did not get a better dog at this exhibition.

First in the class of adult male was Hatjan Rome Criss, a big dog with very strong skeleton and excellent angles for such a tall dog. I think that his head seems a little bit too small compared to its body and the nozzle too fleshy.

Second placed in this class was the dog from the same kennel as Don-Efo Col-Dzapa od Gim-a. There was quite a resemblance between those two dogs, Don-Efo had a nicer head, Col-Dzapa had a better angle of the back legs.

The winner in the class of young males was Szabolcs Ore Criss, dog from Hungary.
I am not finding him nice at all, you can notice immediately weak wrists and too soft feet, light colored eyes and a timid character, look the position of the tail and the posture of the head!

Second in the same class was Disidor od Ljubomira, the dog which I saw at the exhibition in Novi Sad. It is a big dog with strong skeleton, correct head but his front legs looks like a harp (music instrument) and his chest looks like a barrel, like the dogs originating from the mountains, which is not very esthetic for an exhibition dog for beauty contests. He had also a lack of self-confidence and he walked badly.

Third in this class was Szabolcs Ore Conan, brother of the same litter as the first placed dog, with big nozzle for a small scull, see later, and bad posture of the back legs.

The fourth, whose name I do not know, resembles the dogs from Scabolcs Ore and has terrible angle of back legs, or better say he doesn’t have it at all, or has the angle of nearly 175o behind the wrist and on top of that looked frightened! This dog deserves maximum the mark three, I do not know which mark he got.

In the class of adult female the winner was Sczabolcs Ore Aida, who is a very handsome female, big size, strong skeleton, excellent back, good angles front and back with somewhat softer wrists and less separated toes
The mark RCACIB was given to very nice Indra des Faillettes de la Vaissaire, registered in the Champions’ class, breeder and owner is my friend Daniel Pescher who had the courage to travel so far.
And now my final comments:
- the judge chose tall, big dogs or the majority of dogs were like that,
- with a number of dogs you can notice the bad angles of bad legs,
- a number of dogs were frightened,
- in that period priority was given to big sized dogs sometime too long and less emphasis was given to    the way of walking than nowadays.