Sarplaninci are one of the most ancient Shepherd breeds still at work today. They protect flocks from predators such as wolves, lynxes, bears and human thieves ! They are so courageous that they dare defy predators much more powerful than they. In order to defend what has been given them to mind, they would give up their lives if necessary.
Needless to say that they also protect their masters property, belongings, and family.
Armed Forces use them for watching strategic points : barracks, radars, munition sites, etc. In Police Forces, they are used as guard and persuing dogs for prisoniers and fugitives. They have also been used as frontier and patrol dogs.
Agility is a branch of dogsport, invented in England twenty years ago. Dogs led and cheered by their masters have to come across obstacles, along a track much like horses do. Agility is a game for both dogs and masters. They have to get through impediments, above bridges, down and along tunnels, slalom, in the allowed time. Penalties will be counted for over time, stalling in front of obstacle, upsetting one, and for human medding with the dog or with the obstacle. Best do middle sized, light and highly strung dogs, well disciplined with a strong liking for play. Border-Collie are outstanding in that field. It is difficult to imagine Saint-Bernard or Newfoundland to axcell there. Sarplaninaci were known to have taken part in competition of the art, but never as winners.