The breed is very spartian as food is concerned. Selected in very difficult conditions of scarce food supply in a fierce climate, this breed is used to little. This dog doesn't eat more than a German Shepherd and much less than a Setter. Its needs are minute compared to other Molossoid dogs. Through out its growth though, he must be fed an harmonious diet, quite rich on proteins and calcium.
Sarplaninci must live outside. They need space in order to develop harmoniously. If they are happy to spend an hour or so in the bosom of the family, a heated room is not called for and they will want to get out.
It is a "snowdog". A white winter day is the best he fancies, as you will see by its gait. As all dogs, he loves walking with its master.
Sarplaninci do not need to be bathed except for seldom and most unusual "mishaps". Keeping its coat is best done once a week with a wirebrush or curry-comb, daily when coat changing. Mind the ears, and see to internal and external parasites.