New pictures and new dogs from Boban Arsic

There, in the village, I started with 7 dogs, brought in as puppies and the female of 6 years from an urban kennel. Currently they are 12, the other 4 were born at my home, but from the last two, I should probably get rid of, because they cause too many problems.
I nearly made a mistake by giving them away as they were too rough, but I left them at home for over a month and now they are much calmer. Especially the first one, called Mali, is one of the best dogs I have raised so far. They are about 1 year old, only 64-65 cm high, but they are really spinning like a top. The first dog still resists towards the older dogs and when protecting the sheep at night it is still among the best.
Before my dogs wore protector collars, but as they fought among each other, they don’t wear them anymore and I think these collars are not necessary, because they are never alone, they are always in pairs, and so I hope they will not die. Mali is a real danger; he turned a dog, a few months older than him, upside down. This dog had this collar, and Mali didn’t. It lasted only 15 to 20 sec, the time that I arrive to separate them. Fortunately, he did not loose any tooth, only his lip was cut. For a long time I haven’t seen such a courageous dog!

chien Alfa et Malifrere de Mali

From two dogs on this picture the lighter colour one is a female aged between 16 and 17 months, the second is a male of 3.5 years. They have no problem with their movements or their legs, on the contrary, the male and his son are the most agile of all my dogs.

femelle et malemale

Here is the youth, one small female: