Car od Stankovica, part II

Aleksandar Stankovic and Marija Jovanovic

I promised to follow the development of Car od Stankovica, here is a new report after visiting him.
The road led us to the south-east of Sarajevo, while following the course of the Zeljeznica River, almost until its source, at the foot of Treskavica mountain. Next through the mountain passage Rogoj, we arrived to the Zagorska plate, from which you can see like on the palm of the hand, the tops of the mountains Zelengora and Treskavica.
We continued to the touching point of these two mountains and this excursion gave us the opportunity to visit this charming young Sarplaninac, Car od Stankovica!
Car is now 7 months old and its appearance says a lot about him!
In the mountain of Zelengora where the nights are tough and the days are with sparkling sunrays and with flowers from the medicinal plants, and where the sheep are fed with the healthiest grazing grounds of Balkans… our young hero, Car, is guarding the noble herds of sheep just like Mother Nature works, without any preliminary instruction.
Discussing with the shepherd, who is the best friend of Car, I learned a lot regarding its character and its behaviour towards the sheep.
“What is most important, it is that it will never give up its herd, in spite of its youth, that it will never bark without any reason, it has its “Ego”… says the shepherd.
And I, I am absolutely charmed by Car, because by everything that it shows in this ambient which is completely natural, and which is related to its genes, it shows that it is Sarplaninac guard dog, of a stable nature, faithful to the Master and the herd. By its light walking pace, it gives the impression of a tireless Sarplaninac.
Car od Stankovica is an example that the character of Sarplaninac can be preserved under the conditions of urban breeding.
I still promise reports of Car od Stankovica, when it grows up.
Here what Dr. Mihic wrote about Zelengora:
“From Zelengora the visitor carries the most beautiful impressions. It is a solemn mountain like the young groom and it belongs to the mountainous solid masses, it is very attractive and generous. The mountains, also as the human beings, have their specific characteristics, their moods, and their nature by which it radiates. The outlook of Zelengora already on the first glance is in full contrast with the appearance of Volujak that it touches. The first breathes softness and carries in it a certain very deep lyric note. While the second is very proud, full with epic and dramatic elements. Both are, in its way, amusing and beautiful”.
Still another beautiful sentence regarding Zelengora from Armin Bajramovic, author of these splendid pictures which I borrowed:
“Already with the first contact we clearly see that Zelengora hides in it true pearls: beautiful saddles, peaks, oasis of virgin forest, the soft slopes and grazing grounds”….

With 2088 meters of altitude, Treskavica is the highest of the mountains from Sarajevo area, and only 300 meters less high than the highest mountain pique of Bosnia. By clear day the visitors can see very far, until Montenegro and Adriatic Sea. All mountains of Bosnia, as well as Zelengora and Treskavica, belong to Dinarides mountains chain. The two mountains are rich in splendid alpine lakes and are known by the very specific flora.