Car od Stankovica

Many amateurs of the livestock guarding dogs are attracted by tales and legends which circulate about the Sarplaninac: that it is a guard dog which protects from the beasts the treasure of the nomads in the mountain and that it offers his love only to the family to which it belongs.
Such stories and legends are to be respected even when it concerns the dogs which represent this noble breed within today’s civilization!
Having dogs, which from their temperament, precisely give this impression of noble Sarplaninci, I gave this pup to an honest host, living on the slope of the mountain Zelengora (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
The pup “Car od Stankovica”, 4 months old is a young dog who takes its duty very seriously…! In the environment where it lives, it manages wonderful, his best friends are the sheep, approximately 160 heads and the shepherd whom it respects and follows from dawn to the sunset.
We will follow its development, because the small Car from its temperament and its stable character promises to become a Sarplaninac such as it is described in the tales of old nomads.
I carried this pup to the mountain with pleasure, because there it was needed and my hope to transform all the tales on these ancestors into reality.
Aleksandar Stankovic

Stankovic Aleksandar