"Bozo" Marijana Matkovic

Episode I

The day of Christmas eve, the friend of my sister brought a lamb, the ewe had lambed and gave birth to three lambs, it accepted two of them, but not the third… but I think that it has some chance… now, it is living in the house?! It is wearing swaddles, but really it was too cold outside, so we took it inside and it remained there, as it arrived at Christmas (in Serbian Bozic), it was baptized Bozo. It is nourished with the feeding-bottle and receives Canina, the substitution milk for pups, cow milk gives him diarrhoea, the stores were of course closed, and I had this one at home. Now it follows the grandmother as if it was his mother, they have 5 cats and they are his friends. It did not yet know Rambo and Dona, but it will see them, it is a real show, you should see it! Now it has about ten days, as soon as it is stronger we will bring it dogs, one by one, to make acquaintance. I hope that the pictures that follow will be interesting.

Episode II

The lamb goes super well, it has two weeks, lives in the house, wears swaddles and although it is a small female, it continuous to be called Bozo!!
Pity it still believes that the grandmother is its mother and it follows her everywhere. The other day the grandmother and the grandfather went to do some shopping and the lamb followed them; it stayed in the car… I would not like to carry misfortune to it, but until now I raised or took care after a great number of small birds, fallen from the nest or wounded, kittens, a piglet, two calves and in one go 8 pups, who all remained orphan the first day, or were not accepted by the mother or remained orphan during the first week, like my pups. I think that you should not worry for a lamb, I, when I commit myself to do something; I do it as it should be and this up to the end. It would be dreadful for me not to succeed, as if I would have betrayed it, and him and myself, but as now it is “everywhere in the house” and it is faster than us, I think that its future is assured. I have only pictures of the first day, when it arrived, but I will make new these days.
Not without problems I succeeded in taking some pictures of Bozo and Noa, at the grandmother, but Bozo is completely “crazy”, thus that was very difficult. We had to hold it and I wonder where in this story is the proverb “soft as a lamb”?