From the litter “D”, which I had in December, one young male called Drasko was sold to a farm possessing sheep. The new owner wished to put him right away with the sheep in the sheep pen. As the dog had also to participate in the family life and accompany his masters during their travelling I advised them not to isolate it with the sheep. It neither is also evident that in Belgium, on the lands of the farm, there are practically no predators nor thieves who are stealing livestock. That is why Drasko grew up inside the family, but accompanied his master when this one was taking care of the sheep .

When he had about four months, several ewes had to lamb and Drasko was brought to participate at the birth of the lambs. He was extremely attentive and soft with the ewes but especially with the new-borns. Here are some pictures showing him while licking the lambs, or alone because the mother sheep was tired of giving birth to two lambs or together with the ewe.

Now Drasko succeeds to gather the small flock, though this is not his job. I had a certain apprehension to send him assisting the lambing, thinking that the smell and the taste of blood and the placenta could rouse a certain desire with the puppy and because of this he could injure the lambs. Now, I know that there is no danger with the Sarplaninac, instinctively they love the sheep. They protect them, even without getting a special education.