Sarplaninac guarding the flock in Czech Republic.

My friends from Czech Republic, Mrs. Kotoucova-Polgar, veterinary and breeder of my breed of dogs and her husband Mr. Andras Polgar, at present time all-round judge and breeder of Newfoundlanders and Sarplaninac possess a big pack of Sarplaninci from all ages and also a flock of sheep composed out of 2-3 breeds. Their first Sarplaninci who went to guard the sheep, were not been raised among the sheep, but they do their job well. Never they harmed a lamb, neither a sheep and they never look to escape or to run back home. Of course they have ties with their masters and they are very happy to see them. The first couple which was incorporated in the flock was Meri, called Mala and Dick Meron Ste-Kot North.

When the sheep are injured, the dogs lick their wounds, when an ewe lambs, Dick Meron guards in the front of the sheep pen.
Recently one lamb became orphan. Mala had just a litter of 10 puppies. She gave birth in the sheep pen and she also raised them there. One day Stepanka was desperately searching for the small lamb to feed him with the bottle. How big was her surprise when she found the lamb laying among the puppies, being kept warm by them and being taken care of by their mother Meri.

Later on the family Polgar introduced other young Sarplaninac in the flock.
At present there are two children of Meda, two white Sarplaninac from one year old, the daughter of Goldie, Maxie, Joutka and others. Frequently six weeks old puppies are brought to the flock to socialise them with the sheep and they are more and more sold for guarding the sheep. The wolf especially made his appearance in Slovakia, and also in Czech Republic but lately also thieves of sheep are appearing.