20th meeting of Sarplaninci from the kennel "Les Montagnes serbes"

After several days of preparations regarding the organization of the meeting, purchases and preparations of the meal, the long awaited day arrived and it was great in all points of view. The most important is that, among the many autumn days, this June 8th and only that day was just wonderful, maybe a little too hot for our 4 legged friends.
We gathered 17 Sarplaninci, but it should be noted that from this amount only 13 were from my kennel and the other four dogs were our guests. The owner of Dragan, Silke, who once again made the 400km journey, has also taken her female Babsy, from a French kennel and Babsy’s one year old daughter Hidje. Maja and Goran, my friends, not only through the Sarplaninci, brought their 10-month old Sarplaninci, originating from Croatia, Bella and King. Like many previous years former Sarplaninci owners Patrick and Mr. Blanjean, who are always delighted to be in our company, joined us.


Like previous years, most of the participants arrived between 10 and 11 o’clock, and two or three much later. Waiting to get ready for the collective walk, Huguette and I took the advantage of this waiting to take pictures of the dogs that already arrived. The first ones arrived "the workers", Christel with Vladimir and Huguette and immediately, together with me, they began the job: setting the tables, making the salads, which could not be made in advance, welcoming the guests, taking pictures...
On the way to fetch the bread, I brought along Nicole with Grivna. The meeting was more than cordial, exchange of kisses, most of the people already know each other for many years.
For the first time Griska expressed his joy when seeing me, he accepted my caresses; he definitely became much more confident.
I was sad that Cica-Vesna did not show any emotions towards me, whereas a few years ago, all our meetings were marked by many happy emotions; obviously it is because she doesn’t come to my home as often as before, to maintain her friendship with Bayka because neither she nor Bayka are no longer alone, each one has now next to her a daughter; she emotionally took distance from me.


We both photographed, Huguette and I, but the walk and the meal were only photographed by Huguette.
Since Olga with Agat was also missing this year, it was my Bayka who was the oldest of this meeting.
From the litter "C" was present only Cica-Vesna and she is the oldest after Bayka. Note that three dogs from this litter left us a few months ago.
From the litter "D", who is the most faithful representative of this gathering, four were again present: Decko, Dragan, Dusko and Duska.
The litter "E" was not represented, from those who are alive, only Ecka lives in the area, all the others are living far away or abroad.
From the litter "F", only Fetish came and he gets more beautiful year after year. He is currently in the best time of his life.
From the litter "G" we had Gara, Griska and Grivna. Goranac and Gorstak again accompanied their owners on a pleasure trip. I hope to get beautiful pictures on their return.
From the litter of Cica-Vesna "H" took part Hajdi, Hodessa and Hooker.
My last ones, the youngest ones, from the litter "J" were not present, as indeed the previous year. With the Swedish family may be a new career and moving to the U.S. is in the air, while they barely made their new nest, I will know more about it in the near future. Jogi's family was prevented from coming and from the owners of Jugo no sign of life. These are for me the bitter experiences of breeder, not knowing what dog has resulted from the puppy I raised with love and care.


I have some walking problem and it was a little too hot, that is why Nicole and Huguette guided the walk. I had an idea for the itinerary, but Nicole has found that my route was too long and therefore they again headed to the place where the monument is. This place is very shady and suitable for a short rest after the first stage. Silke entrusted her youngest one to Christel, as they have 3 dogs, Goran was helped by Vesna who took Bella. Bayka, Gara and Cica-Vesna remained in their cages.
As always the walk went smoothly, without any problems. Our Sarplaninci behaved exemplary, all calm and friendly towards each other.


We had lunch in the shadow of two arbors. Drinks were served, as in the previous year by the beautiful Ayda, the daughter of my Nebahat (Nebi) and Nebahat grilled for us all the meat from the barbecue. From the different salads, the most popular was the one of celery, suggested by Christel who tasted it in Serbia. It is composed of shredded celery, the same amount of grated sour apples, thick cream, quite some lemon juice, some salt, pepper and grilled grounded walnuts.
For dessert there was again my baklava that everyone appreciates and "vanilice" (Serbian cookie).
I again received a present from Yolanda and Huguette, which I really like, a cutting board in glass, decorated with pictures of Duska and Hodessa. The souvenir, chosen by Huguette, for our guests was a magnet decorated with a picture of Cica-Vesna.
All the guests warmly thanked me for the day pleasantly spent, they were super happy with the food.


I was greatly helped by Vladimir who placed the cages, tables and benches all by himself. For disassembly Vesna and Goran gave us hand..
The hardest working people were Christel and Huguette. They came already on Friday after the work and they started a gigantic job: preparing the chicken skewers, the marinade for the poultry, some salads, filling the fridges with the drinks and everything that was required to enable the work of Nebi and her daughter. The day of the gathering Christel was everywhere, to serve, to entertain the guests, especially the ones from Germany, to help during the walk, to serve the coffee, to take care of the dishes. Huguette has, next to me, welcomed the guests, taken pictures of all the dogs, all the owners and all the events. To finish the day, she was busy with Nebi doing the dishes.
Nebi had the hardest job, because of the heat and next to the fire, by doing the whole “barbecue” and also by doing the dishes afterwards. Ayda has worked very well when serving the drinks. A big thank you to all, without them I could not make this gathering that made me a great joy, and this for already 20 years now!


20th meeting of the kennel "Les Montages serbes" (by Yolande) A beautiful day at Macha’s, with the Sarpla friends : beautiful weather (even a little too hot for my Duska), a nice walk, a great BBQ, and nice reunion in Olne. • Huguette Janssen, Andre Magnette, Oxa Ma Fifille and 24 other people like this.
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• Andre Magnette as usual very happy to have participated in this wonderful day with Sarpla Hajdi! ! ! thank you all and especially to Macha who received us at her home, to Huguette and to all those who have put their hands together to make this day a success! Sunday at 18:36 • Like • 3

Mrs. Jovanovic,

A big thank you for the day of "the small ones", it was great in every way including the weather (phew). We had a great time and I take the opportunity to send you some pictures, unfortunately Griska is not alone on it but OK ...
We hope you’ll recover soon because it is not easy to gather so many people and in addition to prepare a meal for all of them, we had to leave earlier because we were waiting for a technician for the PC (no more mailbox) around 17.00.
See you soon and thank you again for your welcome.

Marie Claude, Annie i Henri