19th meeting of Sarplaninci from the kennel "Les Montagnes serbes"

Despite some health problems, that multiply the last time, with me, I wait for this day with so much impatience and joy, when the dogs of my kennel gather with their owners, who are at the same time my friends, that I could not deprive myself of this pleasure. When I realized that the positive answers to the invitation will be lower than usual, I told my closest friends that there will not be a next meeting, but now that I noticed that this meeting was very successful and that the next meeting would be a “Jubilee” as it will be the twentieth, I think I will try to overcome with the work of the organization of that one. We will see!
On June 2, the participants gathered in my garden. For days and days the weather was like in autumn, cool and rainy. That day the weather was nice, the temperature was pleasant, especially for our "four legs", the morning was cloudy, and at noon the sun came out. 16 Sarplaninci gathered and made a nice walk in a “rural” atmosphere.


Between 9 and 11 am all the participants gathered. Françoise Willot and her mom made us a great and pleasant surprise by coming and bringing along Falco and Tinkyi, the small Tibetan terrier, while I was not expecting their presence. Among the first ones, if we exclude Cicavesna and Hodessa that Huguette brought earlier, the following dogs arrived, Falco, Fetish, Hajdi, Higor, Decko, Duci, Dusko, Garo, Furko, Duska and Grivna, and among the last, those who came from further distance: Goranac and Hooker. I learned that Duci had been very ill, but that now he was on track to heal. He almost never wears a collar and thus he constantly scratched himself on the neck, which prevented me from making quality photos. Huguette has fortunately been more successful. Those who have expressed the most joy to see me again were Falco, Fetich, Decko, Duci and Grivna.


This year was completely taken care by Huguette.
The “doyenne” of the gathering was my Bayka.
From the litter "C" was present only Cicavesna, she was also the oldest of the ones that were present, after her sister Bayka.
From the litter "D", 4 of 8 were present: Decko, Duci, Duska and Dusko, they never missed one meeting. Dragas was to come as well, but he remained at home, as his master, M. Fagard was not feeling alright.
From the litter "E" there was no representative; of those who are alive only Ecka lives in the vicinity, all the others live far away or abroad.
From the litter "F" we had three participants: Falco, Fetich and Furko, all three have a beautiful character.
From the litter "G" were present, Gara, Garo, Goranac (Zoran), a dog so disciplined and friendly and Grivna.
From the litter of Cicavesna, litter "H" everyone was present except Hummer who lives far away, in France: Hajdi, Higor, Hodessa and Hooker. Jimmy and Ariane had a "brilliant" idea, they entrusted the grooming of Hooker to a new “grooming salon” and as you can see, a little more and he would look like a poodle.
The youngest ones from my kennel, from the litter "J" were all absent. The Swedish people were about to move into a new house, Jogi’s owners remained without a car these days and from the owners of Jugo, that I always had to pray to give me some news and some pictures of the puppy, no sign of life.


The walk was organized and led by Nicole, because I was still working in the kitchen. Huguette handed over her dogs to Mr. Blanjean and she has photographed all the participants. As always, all dogs had an exemplary behaviour, there was no display of aggression and many passersby looked with admiration at this unusual parade. They walked through the streets with little traffic in my little village. As usual, Duska flirted, this time with Hooker.


This year I simplified "life" to myself and to others, I rented some tables and benches from the same person who supplies me with drinks, and there was no need for transportation and so it was cheaper. The service at the "bar" was provided by the beautiful Aida, the daughter of my Nebahat, and Nebahat skilfully prepared us all the grilled meat. To accompany the grilled meat there were various salads and the most popular one was the “salade niçoise”, prepared by Nicole.
For dessert there was again my baklava that everyone likes and Christel prepared a very refreshing fruit salad, which was greatly appreciated by everyone.
I received from Yolande and Huguette a present that I like a lot, a tray with pictures of Cicavesna, Hodessa and Duska, our three super champions. All guests received as souvenir a burgundy pen with my kennel name engraved in gold letters.
Many people warmly thanked me for this successful day and have found that the food was excellent. The impression is that everyone was very happy.


I received great help from Vladimir and Leslie who installed and removed the cages. The most active person who helped me in almost every task is unquestionably Christel. The assembly and installation of tables and benches, cleaning of the barbecue, putting the drinks in the fridges, the preparation of the glasses, all that we did together the day before, preparation of the salads, fruit salad, doing the dishes , the service on the day of the meeting, besides the host and the company of people, especially the Dutch ones.
Thank you to Nicole for the salad that has been very successful, for organizing the walk and helping with doing the dishes.
For this work we also had the help of Mrs. Richard and Annie and maybe I still forget someone. Thank you to Huguette, present everywhere and photographer of the day. And at the end, that I do not forget the tiring work, masterfully done by Nebi, who also did the dishes to end the day here. Thank you to Aida for serving the drinks.