Breeding for twenty years, have I been in love with this extraordinary breed. My first litter was born at home in 1984. Registered under the affix "Les Montagnes Serbes", the FCI acknowledged my breeding in 1987. The root of this breeding line was ZOE, a little bitch which my husband and I found on the Sar Planina, at Restelica to be accurate.
Beginnings were arduous, for Zoe had no known parentage, but pleased I am to have started with her, as she inherited a very good set of genes from the genuine mountain breed, showing through that of courageous, hardy, healthy dogs, as selected by "Mother Nature". My females still descend from that extraordinary dog. I have but very few dogs, living within the family, roaming free on our grounds. The number of pups born unto my kennel is very limited, as is usual for dedicated breeders, putting quality and care in the foreground. Results in shows and HD sheets of the dogs witness the quality of the lineage selected.
Lola Arap
Zoe Arap