Sarplaninci swim too

On the pictures below are neither Newfoundlanders nor “Sarfaunlands”, it are Sarplaninci. As you can see, many like water and love to swim. All depends how you trained them.
When you want to accustom your favourites to water, you should not be rough with them and you should not push them by force or brutally into the water. The initiative must come from the dog itself, and the desire can arise when launching an object to him which floats, best is his favourite toy and invite him to collect it, or while going into the water yourself and by inviting him to accompany you, or more easily, by putting him into the company of dogs which are already accustomed to go into the water and which like to swim.
Swimming is first of all a pleasure, the relaxation, the entertainment. But you should not forget that swimming in many cases is used as a therapy. Hydrotherapy is applied today in the veterinary medicine to the dogs and the horses. In which cases this therapy is particularly useful? It applies in many cases, to the healthy dogs first: as a method of relaxation, to strengthen the musculature and the ligaments, to loose the fat layer, to lose weight to strengthen the legs. In the pathological cases: for the dogs suffering from arthritis and osteoarthritis, for the dogs suffering from displacement of the hip, the shoulders and the elbows, in the rehabilitation, after certain surgical operations on the joints and the ligaments, to improve mobility and to prevent the muscular atrophy post immobilization or due to pain, in certain cases of paralysis. All this because exercising in the water is painless or almost painless.
Here you have the example of Dragan, who since he was very small, likes water and enters the small decorative pond, but he cannot swim in it, because it is not deep enough.

On the following pictures you see his brother Dusko, in a well-known tourist resort at the North Sea. As of the first day and without hesitating he jumps into the water and brings back the launched object.

On the following pictures you see his brother Dusko, in a well-known tourist resort at the North Sea. As of the first day and without hesitating he jumps into the water and brings back the launched object.

Thanks to the kindness of the breeding “Martomberg Kennel, born to win”, I obtained the pictures of their Sarplaninci who adore swimming. In this series of pictures you see them swimming in the channels which irrigate the fields of Slavonia.

Then it is the Champion Marnie who takes a bath in the beautiful and transparent river Kolubara, just after she won, in her class, in a special exhibition of Sarplaninci in Valjevo. The small rivers which form Kolubara, starting from Valjevo have their source under the Povlen Mountain. Kolubara is the right tributary of Sava River in Obrenovac. This area is known by its coal mines.

Recently I received pictures of the same source, on which appear Manila and Montero from Martomberg Kennel and Les Montagnes Serbes Fedja. The bathe occurs in the beautiful Drava River. Drava spouts out in Italy, close to the Austrian border; it crosses Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia and makes the border with Hungary. It is the tributary of the Danube River in the town of Osijek. On these shores are calm villages, rich in tradition. The river is 725 km long.
On the following pictures that I obtained from my friend the owner of the breeding “Des Guardiens de la Brocéliande”, swims with pleasure the son of the litter from Les Montagnes Serbes Bréhat, the young Bojan. He swims in the lake which is called the Pond of Duke, in Brittany. Brittany is the country of the legends, and thus also exists one on this lake, the one of the beautiful siren Mary Morgan, who sometimes comes out of the water to braid her green hair. The name of the breeding also comes from an old Celtic legend which relates to the adventures of King Arthur. The forest of Brocéliande does not exist on the maps, but one thinks of the Forest of Painpont, which occupies 7000 hectares and contains attractions, figures illustrating these legends, which is very amusing for the children.
Swimming for the dogs is recommended in the swimming pools, ponds and lakes: in the rivers it is rather dangerous, because in the rivers there are swirls and sometimes in fact the access to water or the exit of the water is very difficult because the height or because of the configuration of terrain.