New Life for Agat

Son of Sirijus od Pece and Veca, Agat was born on 21st March 2001. He was sold in the Netherlands, to an elderly couple. I wasn’t very reassured when I saw this couple, but their son-in-law, who came together with them, assured me, underlining that if necessary, he would take care of the dog and take him for walks. I asked if they have a decent garden, big enough and they confirmed. Time passed, and one day a year later, we went to see the dog. He recognized us and welcomed us very happily. We were disappointed when we saw that the dog is living practically on a terrace of 20 square meters, and not in the garden. A modest garden actually existed, but in it there was a vegetable garden and they were holding hens. Fortunately not so far, on the corner of the street, was a nice park in which the dog was taken by the owner or son-in-law, 2-3 times a day.
The son-in-law brought us Esra; this is how they called him, once or twice to our yearly kennel meetings. The dog developed beautifully. The son-in-law sent us from time to time photos and news about the dog. Lately there was no answer to my invitation for this meeting, and I didn’t receive any more news about the dog. I insisted to get some answers and finally I got an email in which the son-in-law informed me that he is no longer taking care of the dog, but now another son-in-law is, and that I should contact the owners. I did that immediately and found that the owners had big health problems and that there are no “volunteers” in their family to take care of Agat.
The next step was to send a few emails to the people for which I believed that could be interested in such a dog. I received three offers. My choice was Olga, the owner of our Yagoda, and ex-owner of Orkan, who died recently of old-age. Olga owns a big fenced plot, with a forest and dogs are living happily there.
We went by car to help Olga, who was travelling with her complete family. The dog was very happy to see us. The separation was painful, the old people shed big tears, after they have lost the company of the beloved dog. The farewell to his old couple was very difficult. I sat on the back seat of the car, next to Agat. Soon he lay on my lap with his full weight, of over sixty kilos. From time to time he was rising putting all his weight on my legs. He was overweight, obviously having a lazy life in the presence of people who fed him with cookies. When moving around he left me big scars with his nails. I had to withstand that, and was happy that this dog will finally get a vital space needed for a Sarplaninac, as well as the company of one bitch and children. Already after two days he felt at home and was barking with a deep voice, in a wish to be outside with his new partner.