Somebody told me that there was a Sarplaninac at the Fair in Liege, near the big carousel. We went there for a walk and indeed we found a big, nice, very dark and calm Sarplaninac. He was half asleep under that very big and noisy installation. In 1996, I was wondering which dog I would take to mate with my Seka. And I remembered this dog. When it was this Fair again I went back, I found this dog and I talked to his owner, who was Belgian. I managed to persuade him to make an X-ray of the dogs’ hips, at my charges.
This dog came as a puppy and was sold together with some others by Markovic from Belgrade. All his puppies originated from different kennels, mainly from the province of Vojvodine. This dog was a product from the kennel from the veterinarian Mr. Filipovic-Zuca, about whom I spoke already in my trip Nr 7. The dog was the son of Tarzan from Perakovic and from Gea. I do not know how this Markovic managed to enter into the great dog shows, such as the one in Brussels, and sell his puppies. They ended up with people I know. Later it was confirmed that all of them had dysplasia of the hips, with some of them you could see difficulties when walking, and others were nicely walking and were winning CACIB at the exhibitions.
It was in October that we went to the Veterinarian University to make the X-ray of Numa. Those few pictures were made at this occasion and he was 8 years old.

Unfortunately, it was confirmed that he also had displacement of the hips such as all the other Sarplaninac this dealer and not “breeder” had sold. I said goodbye to the owner of this dog and comforted him that his dog may be never would suffer from his hips, as he already came to the age of 8 years without suffering. I never went back to the Fair to see him again.