Towards the end of 1996 Mrs. Laarhuis informed me that one Sarplaninac bred in Germany, and awarded in Holland, was very nice, very good and resembles our dog Arap. The dog in question was called Andy from Zlatibor.
I contacted the owners and arranged to see the dog. I was very disappointed when I found out that the dog has an extremely small garden space, and on top of that it was full of flowers and bushes. He was only allowed to walk on the paved paths, and was strictly forbidden to walk on the flowers. Since then I am always very suspicious of Dutch gardens. Although knowing about this, I sold a dog named Agat to people who were convincing me that they have a large garden. After that I found out that the space for the dog I sold was very limited.
Andy only had the color of fur similar to Arap’s and nothing else. He had a long nose and a sad look in his eyes. In general he had an ugly head, no resemblance to our Arap at all.
Arap looked like a full blooded Arabian horse, proud, full of life, joyful, full of confidence in people, and dangerous for other dogs.
What is for certain, Andy was not at all aggressive.

A while after our visit, I found that Andy was put down, I don’t know what he did wrong, whether he bit somebody, or may be he barked too much bothering the numerous neighbors. He was a poor creature born under an unlucky star.