One memorable show

In the year 1994 the dogs of my kennel participated at 46 dog-exhibitions, two or more dogs were even present at 17 exhibitions. It was a record year of participation at those exhibitions. I have nice memories about these shows, not only because the litter of “Qara” was exceptional, but also the special atmosphere, which existed among us, the owners of Sarplaninac. We were happy to meet again, to chat, and to celebrate the victory from one or another dog and nobody showed any sign of jealousy.
One of those exhibitions, which remained in my memory because of special atmosphere, was certainly the special exhibition of de PPHA Club in Monceau sur Sambre. This Club gathered all the breeds of Eastern Shepherd dogs and the Pyrenean dogs, but today, unfortunately, this club doesn’t interest anybody and is going to disappear.
12 Sarplaninac were registered, from my kennel 5 “Qara” brothers and the half-sister Odra. By a wonderful sunny and warm day, we found a place for a picnic in the park of the Castle.

During this day there were some incidents, some of them disturbed us, others less tragic, made us laugh. Marianne came with Pasha and the very young female Roucha. She attached her dogs at the base of the bench, which was fixed in the concrete, not far from the place where several of us were sitting. Marianne wasn’t present when a member of the Club passed very near her dogs with his female Cuvac. Pasha, very protective in presence of his young female, threw himself in the direction of the Cuvac dog. His very solid leash broke and the female Cuvac was injured at the abdomen. All of us were very embarrassed by this accident. The second incident, less important, was the bite in the ??? buttock of Alex, the boyfriend of our Huguette, by Jojo.
Jojo was attached by a long nylon leash, fixed in the ground and he was laying at my legs. Alex bothered him with his number of passing by and Jojo made it clear to him that he does not like that!
The last incident happened during the judging. Qaravouk pushed down Huguette, because he got angry on another participating dog that passed next to him.
Isa wore a pair of massive shoes and a cotton cap; there was some similarity with the Polish judge, Mrs. Eva Buklad. She said to us “I will be the first, because there is the similarity in the look between me and the judge and therefore she will like me”. Her prediction was through and Qarahoum finished 1st excellent and he also obtained CAC and BOB, and Odra received the CAC between the females.
At the end of the day Houmy got the 5th place from all the BOB of all the breeds of our club, and our group was classified the first, one reason more to celebrate the victory!
I regret not to possess pictures of the other Sarplaninac dogs that participated at this exhibition!