Since years we have for our dogs two fenced spaces connected. They are in two different levels. In the upper part are 3 properly isolated kennels, the third one is a little bit smaller than the other two.

My 3 adult dogs always avoided the smallest kennel. The one, which had not the time to occupy the bigger one, was lying in the morning like an unfortunate one in this small kennel. In the lower fenced space there is a very nice kennel which has practically never been used. Nobody thinks about occupying it!
When Jojo had 3 years, the good time was over. He decided to impose himself to Arap, as a master. Arap had at that moment about 11 years and started most probably with his malignant illness. Every day Jojo was approaching him from the side and took him by the ear. He was holding him quite long, Arap’s legs were trembling, but he was not showing that he was defeated.
Sometimes Jojo pushed him down and lay on his chest. He was “looking at the nature”, without intention to harm him seriously. We could not longer watch such behaviour and therefore we decided to separate the two males. During the day there were no major problems. One time it was Arap who was with the females and Jojo in the front of the house and vice versa. The problem started every evening. Arap was staying with the females in the higher part and we used to put Jojo in the lower space. Every time there was a provocation between the two males and they were barking and growling.
One day I decided to change and I placed Jojo together with the females in the higher part and Arap in the lower part. This change was enough to establish peace. The one who was down felt inferior, this is the explanation of this behaviour.
Now we know that this kennel will not be used as long as there is a communication between the two fenced spaces. Somebody would use this house only if separated from others and forced.
With arrival of little Bayka our herd enlarged.
After the departure of its brothers and sisters, we did not take away the box for nursery because the mother and the little one continued to sleep there. It was too cold to take out the puppy, even more that it was not used to go in this kennel.
We are waiting springtime. Until that nothing unusual! But I noticed that the granny Seka was also dying to enter in the nursery. One or two days after the departure of the puppies, Seka came also to install herself in that box and here you can see the ”trio” (8 years, 5 years and a few months) which I found reunited every evening in a perfect harmony.