Svetla, also named by her owners Tamara, or some times called Tam-Tam, had her litter in December 1994. In 1998 her owners bought a small female, a mixed breed with a Bichon. There were no better friends than the two bitches. The little Bichon often slept at Tamara’s flank of back.

One day toward the end of 2001, it so happened that the little female mated with a wondering terrier, Jack Russel. Five months later, the little bitch delivered five tiny babies of mixed breed, four of which looked like terriers, and only one resembled the mother.

Unfortunately, about a week after delivery, the young mother went out to do her thing and drowned in a cistern, although well acquainted with its existence and location. The owner transferred the puppies to her pillow and begun to bottle feed them. A few days later, Tamara begun to show motherly feelings toward the young and even attempted to nurse them.

She turned out to be such a good mother, that the owners had difficulty separating the pups from her nipples.
Three babies found their homes with the members of the family, while one male and one female who looked like her mother, stayed behind to make company to our Tamara.